I’ve had the desire to write a blog for quite some time! I haven’t got around to it for so many reasons… lack of time, lack of experience, and mostly lack of confidence that I have something to say that people will want to hear!

I have decided that I’m just going to do it! I will make the time! I will gain experience as I do it. Hopefully I will have something worth saying!

This week I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what my focus will be. What will I write about? I finally decided to write about the things I love, enjoy and know. It will be knife-centric, but NOT solely about knives, and for sure not only about custom knives. It will include topics as varied as survival/bushcraft, firearms, concealed carry, EDC gear, carving, traditional archery, food, books, etc… You get the idea! I would also like feed back from you on topics you would like to hear about.

My goal is to do at least one blog post per week. Maybe more and maybe less depending on time, and how it goes. Looking forward to your feed back and an AWESOME 2017!

Thank you for choosing to hang out here, and for your continued support! YOU make this possible!

Happy New Year!!