Hey guys, this is your reminder.  It’s not too late to get in on the Soft Shell Jacket Pre-Order.  We’re going to close the order on Sunday evening.


On the Henry rifle project – we have been in contact with Henry Arms and are working with our local FFL to get the ball rolling. I went ahead and purchased a Small Game Carbine in 22LR (shown above) and I am really impressed with the quality. We will be working on this project more in the next few weeks, hoping to offer this rifle with the Krein Knives logo engraved on this stock later this year. If this goes smoothly, we plan on expanding to other rifles over the next few years.



Next week we will be offering two shirt pre-orders.  One is a Denim button-up (shown above) and the other one a new button-up work shirt.  I’ve been wearing these shirts in the shop the last few weeks and they are exactly what I’ve been looking for.  They fit right, are built well, have held up to multiple washings and shop wear-n-tear.

Looking forward to seeing you at NYCKS!!