Are you order books currently open?

Thank you for your interest in my work.  My books are currently closed.  I have several years of orders currently and am working on getting them squared away.  I do have extra’s from time to time.  I usually sell those on my Facebook group or via the email list.

…and no I can’t add you to the list when it opens.  I don’t have a list for the list either.

When the list opens again it will be announced via email list and Facebook group.

What is a REGRIND and can I get one on my knife?

Basically a regrind is a knife that I grind the blade thinner.  I do this to increase cutting performance.  Most knives today are over built and this decreases cutting performance.  A REGRIND does void any warranty on a knife.

I’m not currently accepting regrind work.  I do a few knives from time to time and offer them for sale on my Facebook group and email list.  Mostly Great Eastern Cutlery knives at this point in time.